The Sound of Young America

by Calculator, Innards, Capacities, Ittō




released June 17, 2014




all rights reserved


Ittō Chicago, Illinois

Ittō is the sonic exertions of all our hopes, dreams, trials and tribulations. We are five friends that play on the edge of our abilities at all times. Thanks for listening!

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Track Name: Death Frenzy
Out flanked and out classed
the commoner lives by the law of swords
while royalty dictates whose heads will roll

Our blades sing of silver, vanquishing evil we have established.
For we define the face of evil and those who stand against the throne.
Even when we invade their homes
We've been at the same game for far too long to know
anything else, or so the crown thinks

We give rise to new ideas and new systems that permeate
through the status facade

Scramble the frequency to distort
the hold they have on our evolution
and break free those whose
consciousness has been enslaved
turn your backs rather than bow the head

We have played the game of servitude and tyranny long enough
Let's instead raise our arms in revolt.

we are now closing in
nor will we ever give up
Track Name: Daigoro
Order must be established because we must be controlled
So says the figureheads of state and the architects of our doom

Learning to unlearn

If we push aside our hopes and dreams
then we give way to their lies and hypocrisies

Unlearn to learn

Era to era, philosophies come and go
the only thing that remains static is the stars like
human perspective on a long enough timeline they fade forever
into the void of existence.

We have the potential, we tread the air like electric current
searching for a way to become kinetic
As these weeks fly by and these days grow shorter all i long for
is the sun in our faces, and the southern wind at our backs
Together we will walk any path laid out and
we will conquer any living hell.

We must move forward at any cost

And if we can stay the path through any living hell to right these wrongs
And If we can stay the path through any living hell, We'll rise.