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    Recorded and Mixed @ Wall 2 Wall Studios, Chicago, IL, USA

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released June 16, 2016

Recorded at Wall 2 Wall studios in Chicago, Illinois by Dylan Piskula
Mixed by Dylan Piskula
Mastered by Carl Saff



all rights reserved


Ittō Chicago, Illinois

Ittō is the sonic exertions of all our hopes, dreams, trials and tribulations. We are five friends that play on the edge of our abilities at all times. Thanks for listening!

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Track Name: Animus
Born into this world of repetition, this lie we
will expose. To be given this gift of
expression. the tears well in our eyes from
the winds of change, from what we know
to be real. Existing in the now. Hold on to the
eternal my friend. Never try to hold the
future. Our time here is short.
Track Name: Ego Death
Our sense of self is an opiate that keeps the
trueself from awakening in our slumber.
Set aside your belief systems and turn
your eyes inward and you will find yourself.
Track Name: M.I.S.C.
Its first down with the rest of your life to go!
Distraction from self immolation, this
is the most important game of your life. The
spectacle as shackles and they fit just right.
Seasons pass, but who really wins? I don’t
know just enjoy the show. The purpose of the
games are to enslave minds and distract us
from who we really are. Stop buying into fake
culture and create something original; refuse
and revolt; subvert to subdue.
Track Name: Mayfly
You lack compassion friend that is why we will
never see eye to eye and in time you will see
your error coincide against this “you vs I”
mentality. We can cast these lies aside to
survive the rising tide in this age of aggression
and coercion. We will wage war with
empathy and compassion. To love and to be
loved that is the root of this human condition.
Lets transcend and shake this old form. We
wont live under your spell for any longer.
Our voices rise against your lies. This is the
breaking point of their control and we wont
falter. We’ll win with love. We can bring
an end to terror. Let’s cast off these shadows.
We can make it through the darkness.
Track Name: Sunburst
The sun shines to revitalize our perspective.
Bask in its radiance as we take our first steps.
Through out space and time we will reunite
time and time again. We’ll laugh through
life to re-energize. We’ll get past the hard times
arm in arm. We are bound by destiny: heart
to heart. I will see you soon in the next life.
Track Name: Void Walker
Traverse with heavy steps into the
darkness once again. Only to be reborn from
the void.
Track Name: Impermanence
Life at the speed of 67,000 mph.
Movement governs the speed of our being.
Take a breath, we’re change in constant
motion. A bio-rhythmic algorithm conditioned
by time and space to live in cyclical existence
but we strive to give meaning and proceed
onward set aside your apathy. turn this stream
of consciousness into an ocean. Alter your
reality in this impermanence.
Track Name: Death Frenzy
Out classed and out fanked the commoner
lives by the law of swords while royalty
dictates whose heads will roll. Our blades sing
of silver, vanquishing evil we have established.
For we define the face of evil and those who
stand against the throne. Even when we invade
their homes. We’ve been at the same game
for far too long to know anything else, or so
the crown thinks. We give rise to new systems
and new ideas that permeate through the
established facade. Scramble the frequency to
distort. thee hold they have on our evolution.
And break free those whose consciousness has
been enslaved. Turn your back rather than
bow the head. To swing the sword is to build
empire. We have played the game of
servitude and tyranny long enough. Let’s
instead raise our arms in revolt.
now closing in nor will we ever give up and
we will never bend the knee.
Track Name: Daigoro
Order must be established because we must be
controlled. So says the figure heads of state
and the architects of our doom. Learning
to unlearn; if we push aside our hopes and
dreams then we give way to their lies and
hypocrisies. Unlearn to learn. Era to era,
philosophies come and go the only thing that
remains static is the stars like human
perspective on a long enough timeline they
fade forever into the void of existence. We
have the potential, we tread the air like electric
current searching for a way to become kinetic.
As these weeks fly by and these days grow
shorter all I long for is the sun in our faces,
and the southern wind at our backs. Together
we will walk any path laid out and conquer
any living hell. We must move forward at any
cost. And if we can stay the path through
any living hell to right these wrongs and if we
can stay the path through any living hell, we’ll
Track Name: No Diversity On East Diversey
[A blueprint for prosperity disguised as urban
renewal, immenent domains to colonize
In retrospection this never belonged to us
these boulevards that paved the way to our
“salvation” only entrenched us in this modern
condition created to seperate and alienate]

See in between the lines at the injustice and
inequality. Economic hitmen run rampant
to divide and conquer city block to city block
Redeveloped for a new world forced to keep in
step or get out. these were never your streets
to gentrify and subdivide.
Track Name: Pursuant
Fodder for an ideological beast we struggle to
hold fast to the present while fate slips further
from humanities grasp. Born out of
oppressive thought, ignorance and fear it’s
maw forever consumes cultures in order to
proliferate its tentacles across every facet
of life. Idea as virus, control as design. the
grandest illusion of all time. Feel it all around
you the winds of change are blowing upon
our galactic shores. cut your restraints, see the
behemoth that holds you, that controls you.
it’s our time to become agents of change and
to take back culture, to live truly reign free! we will
stand our ground to chip away at the edifice.
we all change from what we should become
to who we really are. Break the design. Round
and round we’ve come full circle. Stay asleep
and you’ll embrace your doom.
Track Name: Samsara
To carry the burdens of ghosts. Generations
recycle control and strife to forge their
own mortal coil in empires of dirt and sand,
only to be washed away and the cycle goes on
o n l y t o b e w a s h e d a w a y